Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lighter Shade of Mood

Never got around to writing that song 
'Bout thinking and missing 
'Bout returning from a visit 
Coming off the high of with you being

The thought was always there
Though the words would not come 
Wasn't quite as dark, indigo mood
Many moods, lighter shades of blue

Never got around to writing them blues
'Bout all the different shades, moods gone through
From the faintest, lightest sky 
To the deepest, starkest ocean hue

Never got around to writing that,
For a song author I am not
Though the words didn't come 
Maybe it's the thoughts that count

Never got around to writing....
Damn, I've forgotten what 
Drawing up a blank, case of writers block
After all is said & done & done & said

Guess the thrill is gone.

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