Monday, November 3, 2014

Before love...

We made music 
Choir class, remember that?
Bass, soprano
Jazz standards,
Staccato, vibrato 
Mulatto our love child
Not a physical incarnation 
Still a Creation, manifestation 
Of us, we til infinity 
Not even death will part

Took a lifetime to realize 
To grow and learn
What two decades showed
Separately, individually 
Now binds us
Keeps us fresh & new
Remembering what in past lives 
Became stagnate 
Feeling unloved, unwanted, disrespected, unrelenting 
Negative vibes, why?

Questions don't matter now 
The answers we've got
To keep our hearts young & active 
Actively pleasing, 
Appeasing one another 
Brother, I will be your keeper
Teacher, not your mother
But your equal 
Soul sister, 
Mate, lover 
Rock, til the break of dawn
Sunrise, dusk and fall
Back, front, side
All sides of you I've got