Thursday, December 18, 2014


I've contemplated what I would say on this, your birthday. 
One you've looked forward to since your last one. 
No doubt an eventful month, celebrating your 40th. 
Equally important, your first born turned 21. 

In looking for the right words to express what it is I feel, 
The first thought was - restored my faith in love. 
On second thought, I realized even that is not so. 
What I knew before was anything but. 
What I knew before wouldn't even come close. 

Your patience has kept me grounded through rough times. 
Your spirit, a guiding light. 
Through you I have grown and learned so much 
Your presence inspires me to reach beyond my own walls 

Five hundred, thirty-three days ago was a milestone 
The day you walked back into my life 
To redefine my perception 
And the little thing called LOVE