Thursday, June 11, 2015


Do not shower me with flowers
Be the water, quench my thirst
Do not over water, drown me
Leave me room for growth

Be the caring hands, transplant me
When the world around becomes too trifling 
When roots are overcrowded tipping
Over, falling unbalanced from overgrowth

Be sustenance, feed my mind
Pollinate my every thought
Propagate my offspring - respect
Support and kindness to all you come across

When all the work, care and nurturing
Become too much to maintain
With trimming shears, remove what needs to
Careful not to cut yourself

Be constant in your resolve, do not fear 
I will not wither or dry out
Do not startle, or be confounded to find
I was never a delicate rose,
still a cactus bloom

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