Monday, June 1, 2015

I wish ...

                         Photo: @rebelesoteric 

I wish I didn’t care

       When and if you think of me

       If you knew the amount of times 

       You cross my mind’s eye

       Would it be foolish of me

I wish I didn’t care

       Where it is you might be

       Hundreds of miles away

       Perhaps trudging over wet sand

       Maybe holding another’s hand

I wish I didn’t care

       To know who that might be

       Do they appreciate what I did

       Are you content, fulfilled, inspired

       Do they take my place 

                                  as your biggest fan

I wish I didn’t care

       What you do with the time

                                                once mine

       Do you carve out space in your life

       For new memories, travel

       Remember the helicopter ride

I wish I didn’t care

       Why you decided the one wasn’t me

       Though you swore 

                               we were meant to be

       Too good to be true, I thought

       Yet still believed

I wish I didn’t care 

       Enough to wish you well

       And just be


   C’est la vie



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