Thursday, August 17, 2017


When they come marching

  arms raised, erect hands

  screaming rage filled chants

When they come waving torches

 flames flickering in the night's breeze

 wavering like the hate in their hearts

Fear not - my beautiful Brown, Black, Feminist, Immigrant, Jewish, Muslim, Queer, Trans hermanas and brothers,

You are not alone

I see you

I feel you

I love you

I'm with you

I am you. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

And She Was.

And there amongst 

  the chaos of familiarity,

She stood - timeless.

Where my eyes glanced,

  My heart took a second look

And my soul knew. 


Inspired by the lens and love of @rebelesotetic

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mexicana al Grito


Hijo mío, querido 

No te des por vencido 

Esta es una batalla de muchas

Que se ha peleado por siglos


Cielo mío

No te avergüences del mar de tu apellido

Del sol de tu cabello castaño, 

De la rica tierra de tu piel morena

De la cultura que corre por tus venas 


Hijos míos, adelante

Aunque nos separen

No me arrepiento de lo hecho

De sacarlos adelante


Tesoros Míos

Sean valientes 

Únanse a la causa 

Eleven sus voces, peleen

Por el inmigrante, el jornalero, la indígena 

Vidas mías

Que su canto al pueblo despierte 

A las injusticias que se vierten

En el corazón colectivo de nuestra gente 

Hija mía, valiente 

Eleva tu frente

Ardiente fervor,

Sagrado vientre, resiste 

En tus venas, mi sangre 

Guerrera por siempre.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


On the eve of the 18th anniversary of my brother's death, dining with grandma, I wondered: will this be our last supper? Another question I've pondered: is it harder to lose a loved one suddenly and unexpectedly or to watch them wither away slowly? Having experienced the former and currently the latter, I still don't have a definitive answer. They're both difficult to assimilate. 

While grandma remains incarnate, the inevitable nears. Every movement expends her energy tremendously. Laborious breath after laborious breath, lungs, like old balloons with minimal elasticity no longer inflate to previous capacity. No medical knowledge, background or experience can prepare one for witnessing life slowly escaping a loved one. Painful as it is, respecting and accepting reality gives way to resolve. I suppose that is the gift of being able to say goodbye - resolve. 

Last week, following her shower, I sat on the bathroom floor drying her feet.  Though not a particularly religious person, a vague memory of a biblical story: "Jesus washed someone's feet? Was it the other way around? Mhm... no se." Next: Visions, like a movie reel, of patients I've helped similarly flashed before me. Accompanying thoughts circled through my mind, of where those patients might be now? Connecting dot after dot, following decisions and experiences that prepared me .... 

Then she kissed the crown of my head. No words followed, just her cute giggle and a sincere smile. Few moments are humbling and equally empowering - this was one.

I am where I need to be - present. 

Monday, February 22, 2016


You're beautiful baby,
Daily I should've told you
Not a day passes 
Without thinking,
Wishing to see you 
Under a new moon.
Night's reflection 
Accentuating your
Glorious curves 
Silhouette  engraved 
In my memory, branded 
My favorite tattoo.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Color of Her Voice

Sky blue
The color of her voice 
Warm summer rays
Comforting arms
Defrost this heart of mine

How I miss tender lips
Soft tickles down my spine
Ease the overkill, thoughts racing
Trampling through this mind

With one foot out the door
Though she was mine,
I was never hers 
Wrapped up in my head
Pride tore, stole - the one 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Comfortable Silence

Silently lying
Toe to toe, your
Ankle cradled in
My concave arch
Right knee 
Resting upon the peak of
My curvy hip
Palm pressed
On the crest of
My back
Fingers nestled 
In the valley of
My waist 
Warm exhale 
Softly tickling 
My elongated neck
Rhythmic inhale
Whispering me
To sleep 
As you 
Melt into me