Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Near sighted 
Didn't see ya comin      
Wasn't even lookin
Didn't even notice 
The scopin & checkin 
Completely blind sided

Sweet and unexpected 
Surprise, you drew me in 
So smooth and charming
Strong, handsome, charismatic 
Completely magnetizin
Gazes met 
Your sad eyes sparkled 
My butterflies fluttered 
At first touch 
Electricity transpired 
Couldn't keep away
From one another 

Lips met
At first kiss
Took my breath away
Ran alongside my
Imagination, inspired 
Thoughts monopolized

You, Me, Our
Bodies intertwined 
Hands wandered
Touchin, Feelin
Squeezin, Imaginin
How delicious it'll be

The world stopped,
Came to a halt
No one else around
Just us, in the zone  
Hypnotized, mesmerized 

Baptized in desire
Testosterone, Pheromones
Adrenaline, dopamine
Oxytocin formin a
Jonz in my Bonz 

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