Saturday, June 28, 2014

Today we celebrate my mother's 64th birthday.

Although no words can ever really describe what she means to many, I'll give it a try.

The epitome of woman is this mother of mine.
A faithful servant of God and all she comes across. The only daughter to a tough old broad. She smoothed out her own edges, the downfalls she said to have as a young one. At the tender age of 18, she took another's daughter in, raising her alone, until she had children of her own. A loving mother, not strict or super lax. A fair mother involved in all we'd do. Never discouraging, on the contrary, she'd push us through. Not a bible thumper, though always showed us to respect. A bit naive, by the standards of today's world. Seeing the good in all, deserving or not. Nothing has ever wiped the infectious smile off her gorgeous face, even losing her only son. A true test of spirit, belief and faith. Yet she never wavered, she remained herself loving, forgiving and strong. This woman married a younger man, with compassion, patience and unconditional love she molded him to be the best he could be: The best father for my siblings and me. In the face of all that could tear them apart, they came out ahead, not as two but one. Bringing new meaning to "stand by your man", never a bystander but an equal in all they have done. A daughter, mother, spouse, seamstress, school popcorn lady, trucker, grandmother, open-heart surgery survivor,  lover of life, dancer, health enthusiast, Herbalifer, did I mention dancer? 

My first love, my confidant, my conscious, my rock. I will never be as great as she is. But she will forever be the greatest part of me. 

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