Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Let me in...

You want to, but resist 
Know you shouldn't let me in 
I'll infect and permeate your head
The first thought as you arise 
The last when you rest at night 
The alpha and omega 
And everything in between 
When you breathe you'll inhale me
When you dream it'll be of me
My hips, my curves, my kiss, my caress
Such a part of you I'll become
Living deep within your soul
Feel the presence of my embrace
Shadowing your every move
My scent will linger in your memory
Like the melody of your favorite tune
From faithful concubine
To leading lady of every fantasy
The object of your every desire 
You'll scream my name, tap out 
Then come begging back for more
You'll never want another 
Forget all that came before 
You'll sabotage my time 
Keep me to yourself 
And never let me go
Let me in, you won't regret it
I'll just fuck up the life 
You've come to know
You'll fall and fall hard 
Like you never have before
You'll love me madly
And sweetly and deeply
Like no one has before 
Let me in, what you waiting for?
It'll be the sweetest thing
You've ever known 
Let me in, I dare ya
Keep me safe
I'll keep you on your toes


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