Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The day a poet died

Twenty-eighth May
The feeling, a somber one
Learned my beloved is 
To move abroad
Soon after news 
A poet legend passed on
I went along my morning ways
Then it hit me by midday
Life itself, is fleeting
Here one day, the next we are gone
It may not always be death
That separates us all
Life, time and distance
Can keep loved one's apart
Tears streamed down,
While looking in my daughter's face
She consoled me as she could
In her loving way.
She asked what I was feeling
As she wiped away my tears
No words at first although I tried,
But more tears for her to dry. 
I spoke of Dr Angelou
But she knew there was more. 
I looked at her straight in the eyes, 
I just could not lie
(Gasp) my friend is moving far away.
Have you known him long? She asked
Since you were really young?
Yes, I said, since high school
I liked him all along.
Relation, association, a little joke
She tried them all.
Maybe you can meet him,
Somewhere in the middle
Take the car and drive.
He can do the same, 
So it won't seem so far.
It is not so easy, baby
Not where one can drive
It is clear across the ocean,
On the world's other side.
Well maybe you can facetime
Talk daily, email, so you won't feel so blue
Don't worry mommy, you'll see him again
Just don't cry anymore.

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