Monday, May 26, 2014


Undying melody
The overture to your
Eternal masterpiece
Lifetimes strummed on
Devout heart strings

Though apart
Time and distance are but
Silence between notes
Sheets of music - a love untold
Holy, pure silence strengthening
Preparing what will unfold

Ever changing composition
Resonating deep within
The darkness of
An ancient soul
Timeless, boundless and
Forever yours

Forever patient
Awaiting cue to reenter the score
Do tell maestro,
What will the next movement be?
A fifth, perhaps, and final
As weary the fiddler grows

Shall the concerto end
A solemn requiem,
A mournful adieu - closure
Releasing your faithful muse
Shall she inspire no more? Or

A harmonious allegro
Climbing crescendo
Up front and center
In all her glory, for all to hear - exalt
Forever thine and you mine
For all eternity

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