Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I woke up thinking of you
A dream I was having
On the verge of tears 
An eminent sadness 
Deep within past my diaphragm 
Making it hard to catch a breath

In my dream you were sharing all 
That you hadn't in so many years
For decades kept it all in
To yourself, guarded
It wasn't easy to hear the struggle 
In detail, many seasons of
Seeing, watching me from a distance
While you suffered in silence 

I woke up just as I built up the 
Courage to apologize for 
Leading you on,
If that's what you would call it
For not making it clear, year after 
It was you I always wanted
For not expressing, not just my heart
But what was felt in every ounce 
I too believed you and I 
Had been in another life 

Many other lives,
Back to ancient times
To the rise of the
Chrysanthemum Throne
When you left on a bitter winters day 
Emperors orders to defend the 
Land of the rising sun
Never to be seen again 
Unknowingly leaving behind 
Your first born son and
Me alone in the harsh rural land 
Waiting night after night 
Finding solace and comfort in the 
Autumn moon light 

Centuries past 
Missed crossing paths
Timing always was off
If not you, it was me 
In other relationships, situations
With other important obligations

I will never know why we were 
Not destined to be 
The stars never aligned you and me
Things happen for a reason
Reasons we may never know
We may never comprehend 
Why the gods were never in our favor 
We may never be with one another
Yet we will never be alone
There will always be a harvest moon 

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