Monday, November 16, 2015

Love and Light

Stepped into warm waters
Hide away welled up tears
Wash away the day's troubles
A time out, pause, reflect
Thoughts replayed back to 
Conversations of days past
Realizing these sorrows, fears
Minuscule in comparison 

There are never words found
Deep enough for a loss so profound
One cannot say "I feel your pain"
Insensitive to say "I can relate"
While we all have loved and lost
Have dreams fall apart
Felt a rug pulled under feet
A life envisioned turned bleak

There are never words
One can say to ease the pain
Drown out the loud silence
Fill the void, the darkness
Of all deepest condolences
Thoughts, prayers bestowed 
But three words resonate

 - Love To You.

Photo Credit: S.Rebeles

I wrote this piece on 11/11 for a friend who lost his spouse earlier this year. Re-reading it after the events last week, sharing it felt right.

For the City of Light, for Beirut, for Baghdad, for Syria, for all who have lost a loved one, their home, their country, their liberty... 

The more love and light we send, the less darkness there will be.

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