Friday, March 14, 2014


Bit my lip one too many 
Til scar tissue grew numb
Swallowed my pride
Til there was none 
Just a stomach knot 
Tip toed on eggshells 
Til the ingrowns were more than I could bear
Avoided rocking the boat
Til it flipped over on its own
5 foot 4 inches deep in emptiness
Drowning in a self deprecating existence 
The ultimate sacrifice 
Self-respect, dignity, confidence 
To feed your insatiable madness
They say it's a thin line 
But hate is too strong a sentiment
Instead I gift you indifference  
                                      - raquel 

Image credit: Stephanie Moon @moonpiedesigns


  1. It is finished? or Is it finished!!!

  2. No question or exclamation, just a period. Finito