Monday, October 12, 2015


I'd be lying if I said,
I thought of you every single day.
After all, it's been 17 years,
Since you went away.
At first, it was incredibly hard.
At times, I'd walk though the door,
Bite my tongue, on the verge of 
Asking where you were.

For myself I can say,
The pain has passed.
Just as you would've liked,
Life has gone on.
Every now and again,
I catch myself wondering
What you'd be like?
What you'd think of modern life?
Of all which has transpired?

Smashing's 1979 came on,
Makes me think of you.
Coincidentally, the year of your birth.
I wonder if you'd be into the same scene.
Hendrix, The Doors, Soda Estereo,
Writing poems, riding bikes, smoking blunts?
Would you have outgrown them all?
Would you be married with kids,
All serious and tied down?
I bet you'd still be young at heart.

One thing I know for sure,
You'd be crazy about my girls.
I do wonder if now unlike then,
We'd made amends, be on speaking terms?
Would you be proud of your big sis?
Or still question my life decisions?
I like to think you'd be impressed.
Not my title and career, to you
These would be insignificant.
You'd be glad I finally realized,
You were right about what's his face.

I like to think you'd agree
I turned out alright,
Significantly more chill
Than what you'd perceived.
Much older and wiser,
Surely we'd let bygones be.
Agree to disagree, heck
We might've turned out to be 
- Best buddies.

Bittersweet, life turns out to be.
Gone in an eye's blink.
Though you left with no regrets,
As the good tend to.
Year after year, 
We in the fish bowl -
Wish you were here.

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