Thursday, April 9, 2015

So much more...

I'm so much more than tits,
So much more than thighs.
Still you tried to trick me,
To let you come inside.

Down played perceived imperfections,
Falsified affection.
Played the part to a tee,
Trying to claim your stake on me.

Painted a pretty picture,
Conjured up a nice story.
Weaseled your way into my head,
With hopes of getting a little head.

No longer the girl you used to know,
Falling for pretty, smooth talking romeos.
Into a woman I've grown,
Hustling & getting my own.

I'm so much more than what you see,
So much more than a pretty face & curved lines.
Still you tried to step,
Come at me with the same tired line.

Pretty things may be appealing,
Don't even get me started on shoes.
But even I know it's time to let go,
When the souls have worn through.

There's so much more to me,
So much more than you will ever see.
See this? Me drawing the line,
Protecting my heart, dignity & mind.

I'm so much more than a silly crush,
Worth so much more than infatuation.
Bigger than what you fed, a fantasy.
Don't believe me? Just look at my reality.

I'm so much more, so let by gones be.
Immaturity & insecurities did you a favor.
I'm just getting started, yet
Already more than you're equipped to handle.

Whatever it wasn't, let it be - Absolved.
You once said I'm the smartest 
Woman you've known,
How do you like your knowledge served?

Photo Edit: Sonia Rebeles

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  1. Love this! The depth of who you are was always known to me. I am proud of the young woman that you have become. Keep writing and please keep sharing, you are a gifted young lady! J Hammond