Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aria's Seventh

Twenty first of September, what a day to remember! 
To some it may be just a regular, random day 
But to a select few, life as they knew, would change in a very big way. 
A little girl was born at dawn, bright and early 
Aria Idali, with an I, not an E. 
Seven years ago, on that day came to be. 
And every day since an adventure has been, 
For those who know her closely.
A happy girl is she, 
With tremendous curiosity, 
Fire, spark and luminosity. 
She is brave and quite fierce. 
Smart, gifted and quite imaginative. 
She has a big heart, though protects it 
No, it's not just a bark. 
She can be quite amusing and quite entertaining, 
Telling jokes, though at times backwards and with no ending. 
Her dance moves and drawing skills, she consistently tries to master. 
She has few dislikes, yet many, many likes. 
An adventurous little one, tries things at least once. 

For the last six years, she has grown and grown. 
Developing quite a character, all her own. 
And so as many kids, little peep squeak, 
Likes holidays, dances and parties and such. 
More than Valentines', Halloween and Christmas combined, 
There is one day, in particular 
Second to none, none other 
Than her own birthday celebration. 
The little girl's birthday could not come soon enough. 
For weeks, upon weeks, months, upon months 
Meticulously marking and counting down,   
For her day, birthday to near. 
The place easily chosen, by the little one 
A pizza place, though a least common one, 
With much more than tokens for kids to have fun.
Bumper  boats bumping, 
Go-karts a-going 
Climbing trees for climbing, 
Princesses singing 
Musical chairs gaming and face painters painting little bits's faces. 

But what about the theme? 
What should it be? 
Then one day while shopping, on a day like any other. 
Upon entering the big red dot store, 
In the bins closest to the floor, 
Guess what little one and her mommy discovered? 
There were pencils, erasers, book markers and cups, 
Drinking cups with fun and colorful characters. 
There was Red Fish and Blue Fish, 
And that guy Sam I am, who surely, truly liked Green Eggs and Ham. 
There was also that cat, you know the one with a big red and white hat? 
"That's it!" Exclaimed the little one's mother 
"For your party! Let's make it The Cat in the Hat! 
What do you think about that?" To little one she asked. 
She thought and she pondered, then kindly responded: 
"Ok, sure, let's do that!" 

As the big week approached, to her mom it occurred, 
How little on loved to play dress up. 
But who of all could she be?
Perhaps a Whoville Who?
Maybe Cindy Lou Who?
The Lorax or her fav the grinchy Grinch? 
They all sounded great, yet not quite a fit, 
 For big sis and little peep squeak.
Then just before bed, just a few days away,
While the sisters played and ran amok. 
Doing this, doing that, the opposite of what their mommy had asked,
Eureka! It clicked, they are the silly two things in the book, with the big cat.
Red, white and blue. Skirts, tutus made of tulle.
Two shirts, some felt and some white poster board. 
Pencils, scissors, needles and thread, 
Paint, markers and double stick tape. 
Two circles their mommy made, 
One "Thing 1", one "Thing 2", a surprise for the sisterly two. 

The day finally came, the celebration underway.
Friends and family gathered, some from near, others far.
Some drove clear across town,
To run, skip, jump and play. 
There was plenty of food, everyone in good moods, 
They sang Happy Birthday and ate yummy cake. 
And those pencils, bookmarkers, erasers and such, 
In the Dr Seuss character clad cups 
Were the "candy bags", the loot kids made off with 
And you'll never believe, what a hoot! 
Not a peep or a squeak for the ixnayed candy! 
And so that was that, said the cat in the hat, 
Who happened to be Thing 1 and Thing 2's mom,
"Thank you all for coming and joining in cheer
As we celebrated Aria's seventh year!" 

"Happy birthday my little dear. 
Hope the time you awaited for this day was worth it. 
May this day stay with you now and forever. 
For the lucky number seven, has never been luckier, 
Now that it has you to share it. 
As quick witted as you are, fast as lighting and growing so tall,
It's a wonder you didn't just altogether skipt it! 
So on this day, twenty-first of September, from now until forever,
Don't forget, always remember mommy loves you, just as you are, 
From your toes, all the way to the top of your skull, 
And every little bit in between. 
Yes, even when you are grumpy and even say something mean. 
On this day,the twenty-first, my favorite in September. 
My life changed forever, for you make it better and better."

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